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UV printer choose what nozzle good?


Which type of printhead is the best? Are you referring to the best in terms of printing accuracy and speed? If high accuracy and fast speed are desired, then Kyocera printheads undoubtedly excel in these aspects. However, they come with a high price tag and there are currently limited ink options available on the market. In terms of color performance, it is not particularly impressive. The mainstream UV printer printheads include: Ricoh's GEN5/GEN6, Konica Minolta's KM1024I/KM1024A, Kyocera's KJ4A series, Seiko Epson's 1024GS, Toshiba CA4, as well as Epson and Kyocera printheads which are standard for industrial-grade UV printers. These printheads are used in high-end industrial-grade UV printers due to their advantages in precision, production capacity, and stability. Epson printheads are commonly used in consumer-grade UV printers because of their lower price that meets the production needs at that level. One thing to note is that the parameters of a printhead do not necessarily reflect its actual usage situation; it still depends on the strength of the UV printer manufacturer to fully utilize the capabilities of a particular printhead. Therefore, it is important to choose based on specific business requirements when selecting a UV printer. Apart from focusing on the core component - print heads - stability, precision, and efficiency should also be considered when evaluating a UV printer device.