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With 15+ years of printing experience, Shandong Sena Printing Group Co. Ltd. aims to "create, connect, communicate". Create something unique! Connect everyone with printing! Communicate with clients all over the world! With the creative developing team, we provide create-oriented unique UV printers with all clients. We are committed to provide high-quality,environmental-friendly UV printers, universal printer, printer parts, devoted ourselves to technological innovation. Sena, all for customer's value! Brands under the company include INKSEA, SENA, IMG, M-Sich.


The difference between uv printer and common printer

The difference between uv printer and common printer

Generally, printers can only print images on paper and special ink absorption materials with a thickness of less than 1 mm. The ink is water-based and has poor waterproof and sunscreen ability. The application area is narrow. UV flat panel printers can print images on objects with a thickness of 12 cm and a weight of 20+KG, and support the printing of micro curved surfaces (with a surface drop of 7 mm). The use of special oily ink has good waterproof and sunscreen ability, greatly expanding the application plan of printers, It is widely used.

What are the main aspects of choosing a UV printer

What are the main aspects of choosing a UV printer

On the whole, the structure of WorldCom UV flat panel printer is mainly divided into two parts: one is the external material structure of the machine, and the other is the internal system structure of the machine. The core components are as follows: