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On the whole, the structure of WorldCom UV flat panel printer is mainly divided into two parts: one is the external material structure of the machine, and the other is the internal system structure of the machine. The core components are as follows:

Core component I: basic machine framework:

WorldCom UV printing machine adopts an all steel integrated frame, which has strong stability, strong compression resistance and no deformation after five years of normal use.

Core component II: nozzle

The nozzle of the UV printer is the most important core component in the printing work. The nozzle is mainly divided into two types: civil grade and industrial grade. WorldCom intelligent printer is equipped with Ricoh G6 industrial grade nozzle, which can make the machine run more stably, print more smoothly, and improve the printing speed. WorldCom printer is also equipped with a unique nozzle anti-collision system, which can automatically stop when the trolley is moving and encounters obstacles, so as to avoid damage or jamming of the trolley and the nozzle, and also improve the safety of the operator.

Core component 3: board

Core component 4: servo motor

Servo motor is the engine of equipment operation, which is the key to ensure the printing speed, accuracy and stability of the machine. WorldCom UV printer adopts imported permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor to ensure accurate and stable mechanical transmission, durable, low noise and more environmental protection.

Core component V: suction platform

The air suction platform of WorldCom printer is made of space aluminum, and the hole position is arranged with a square meter spacing, which makes it fit better and stronger with the material, and it is easier to print without hanging the knife.

WorldCom UV printer is the first in the industry to use electric ball valve to control the air suction area. After 100000 tests, the electric ball valve has a long service life, leading the industry in technology and convenient operation.

Core component VI: guide rail

The guide rail is the guide and support part of the linear motion of the X axis and Y axis of the UV printer. The car, nozzle plate, led lamp, electrostatic rod and other parts are mounted on the guide rail, so the guide rail has a great impact on the quality of the device's printing and the stable motion state.

WorldCom intelligent printer uses THK guide rails imported from Japan to build a high-end dual guide rail UV printer. The balance between the two guide rails is controlled within 10 wires, making the car more stable and smooth in the process of movement, improving printing accuracy, wear resistance and durability, and effectively reducing noise.

Core component 7: printing software

The printing software is mainly used to adjust the image, graphics, text, etc. to convert the image information into the driver data file required by the printer for printing.