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UV flatbed printer development history


UV flatbed printer development history

In the mid-1980s of last century, our country was studying how to develop the industrial printing technology, at that time the domestic industrial printing technology was mainly ink-jet printers and thermal transfer printers, two kinds of printers have the characteristics of low cost, fast speed and high quality, but the machine price is expensive.

In the 1990s, there was a kind of UV flatbed printer in China. This machine was not popular at that time, mainly because this machine was expensive, so many domestic printing manufacturers were not willing to buy this machine. But with the passage of time, the advantages of UV flatbed printer gradually emerged, its printing cost is low, fast, high quality, low cost of consumables, support multi-color advantages have become the first choice of domestic printing manufacturers.

In the early 21st century, the UV flatbed printer market began to be opened, at that time there were many domestic printing companies in the production of UV flatbed printers, and gradually became the mainstream of the industry. During this period, UV flatbed printer manufacturers began to provide services and after-sales services to customers, and during this period, UV flatbed printer manufacturers began to improve and upgrade equipment in order to seize market share.

After 2002, uv flatbed printers began to be popularized in the market. During this period of time, domestic printing manufacturers improved and upgraded their equipment in order to seize market share. For example, some domestic equipment manufacturers began to provide customers with uv flatbed printer installation technology and after-sales service and so on.

Now UV flatbed printers have become the mainstream printing equipment in the industry, and the development of UV flatbed printers from the original only imported products to now domestic equipment occupies more than half of the market share in the industry. And this period of uv flatbed printer has been widely used in various fields, such as advertising industry, packaging industry, clothing industry, home decoration industry and so on.